The Steps of St. Paul in Spain: Evolution of Christianity in Spain

Per Person 2,199.00
  • Groups allowed
  • Tour guides


This unique and exciting tour will take participants through some of the most amazing historical cities of the Roman Empire’s presence in Hispania, as Spain was known in Roman times. We’ll have presentations by Church historians, professors and archeologists focused on the tremendous influence Spain had in the early evolution of Christianity, which took place mostly in regions controlled by the Roman Empire. It should be noted that Rome’s southernmost province in Hispania, Baetica (today’s Andalucía), was one of the areas with the largest growth of Christian communities in the Empire by the year 300 AD.

Over the last fifty years, many scholars and biblical historians have been focusing on the role Roman Hispania played in the evolution of Christianity. Of special interest by these historians has been to determine why there was such rapid and extensive growth of Christian communities throughout Hispania in the 250-300 years following the death of Jesus Christ. A growing number of historians have been concluding that based on historical accounts written in ancient church documents, that it was the Apostle Paul of Tarsus who embarked on a missionary trip to Hispania between the years 64-67 and that he was directly or indirectly responsible for the establishment of many of these early communities. These historians have concluded that Paul came from Rome through the provincial capital and port city of Tarraco, todays Tarragona, just south of Barcelona, which we will visit on this tour. There we’ll have presentations by biblical historians at well preserved Roman ruins where Paul likely preached.

Another very important visit of the tour will be to the Chapel of the Holy Chalice of Jesus in the Cathedral of Valencia. We’ll be given a personal presentation of the history behind the Holy Chalice by Church historian and Custodian of the Chapel, Fr. Jaime Sancho. He will explain why even National Geographic historians have concluded that of the five contenders in the world that claim to hold the Holy Chalice of Jesus, the one in the Cathedral of Valencia is the one they agree to be the genuine chalice of Jesus.

For members of the Archdiocese of Miami, Valencia is a special place to visit since St. Thomas of Villanova, the saint for which our own St. Thomas University was named, was the Bishop of Valencia from the year 1544 until his death on 1555. He is buried in the Cathedral of Valencia and we can actually visit his burial crypt. While in Valencia, we will have a discussion on his life and his commitment to supporting and helping the poor.

The tour will then go to Granada, where one of the first Christian Councils in the history of the Catholic Church took place between the years 302-304 (the exact year is not known). The name of the Roman city at the time was Iliberis, so the Council has gone down in church archives as the Council of Iliberis. This Council took a tremendous historical significance since from it came a number of church canons that were adapted only a few years later at the Council of Nicaea, which is considered the most important Council in the history of the Church. During our stay in Granada, we’ll also visit the world renowned “Alhambra,” the fabulous Moorish palace of the last Muslim King in Spain.

The tour will then take us to the magnificent historical cities of Cordoba and Seville, both of which have a very rich history of the early presence of Christian communities and also had and extensive Jewish and Muslim presence. Cordoba was actually the capital of the Muslim kingdom in Spain between the years 756 and 1248. There we will visit the fantastic Cathedral which used to be the Mesquite of Cordoba.   Seville has an equally rich Muslim, Christian and Roman history. Visits will be included to the Cathedral, the third largest in the world, and the famous Giralda.

Grupo Julia, the most experienced ground transportation tour company in Spain and the partners of History Travel Tours, will be providing all ground transportation on luxury buses. We will have highly experienced drivers and tour guides throughout the entire trip, and will be staying in four/five star hotels. The tour’s presenters are all distinguished church historians, professors and archeologists.

The 10-day/9-night tour picks up in Barcelona and ends in Madrid, and the regular price for this trip is $2,799.  7-day/6-night tour ends in Granada, and the regular price for this trip is $2,199. An additional 15% discount is available if booked 90 days in advance.

Air travel is not included in the package price to allow participants to add pre/post travel plans and/or use miles, etc., but can be coordinated by History Travel tours, if requested.  All hotel accommodations in 4+ Stars hotels and include full breakfast.  Detailed Itinerary of the next trip is provided as follows:

  • Day 1 (Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016) – Barcelona  
    Accommodations: Catolonia Ramblas Hotel
    Meals: light lunch at hotel, dinner at restaurant overlooking the Port of Barcelona
  • Day 2 (Friday, Nov. 18, 2016) – Barcelona  
    Meals: lunch at nearby restaurant; Dinner and Night on your own to explore Barcelona (hop-on-hop-off bus included both days in Barcelona until night time)
  • Day 3 (Saturday, November 19, 2016) – Tarragona (Day Visit) and Valencia
    Accommodations: Astoria Palace in center of Valencia. On the way to Valencia, stop for a day tour in Tarragona
    Meals: lunch at Archdiocese Museum in Tarragona; Dinner in Valencia: authentic Paella Valenciana
  • Day 4 (Sunday, November 20, 2016) – Valencia
    Meals: Lunch at restaurant near Cathedral; Dinner and night on your own to explore Valencia
  • Day 5 (Monday, November 21, 2016)  – Caravaca De La Cruz (Day Visit) and Granada
    Accommodations: Historic Alhambra Palace Hotel; on the way to Granada will stop at Caravaca de la Cruz
    Meals:  Lunch at Salones del Castillo Rest.; Dinner at restaurant in Granada, next to the Alhambra overlooking the city of Granada
  • Day 6 (Tuesday, November 22, 2016) – Granada
    Meals: Lunch in rest. across the Alhambra; Dinner and night on your own so you can explore Granada
  • Day 7 (Wednesday, November 23, 2016) – Seville
    Accommodations: Hotel Dona Maria, by the Cathedral; Meals: Roof-top tapas cocktail reception at the Dona Maria Hotel (*7 Day/6 Night Tour ends in Granada)
  • Day 8 (Thursday, November 24, 2016) – Seville
    Meals: Lunch at typical Seville tapas restaurant after visiting cathedral.
  • Day 9 (Friday, November 25, 2016) – Visit to Cordoba and Madrid   
    Accommodations: 4-star hotel in Madrid / Meals: Lunch by Mezquite in Cordoba
  • Day 10 (Saturday, November 26, 2016) – Madrid   
    End of tour – After breakfast, transport to airport or train station as needed

*Tour Available as 7 Days/6 Nights and 10 Days/9 Nights.

7 Days/6 Nights Starts at $2,199 per person

10 Days/ 9 Nights Starts at $2,799 per person

Next Tour Start Dates:

  • February 16, 2017
  • March 16, 2017
  • April 20, 2017
  • May 18, 2017
  • June 8, 2017
  • July 13, 2017
  • August 18, 2017
  • September 7, 2017
  • October 5, 2017
  • November 16, 2017
  • December 7, 2017

**DEPOSITS: If you have any questions or would like to book the tour and arrange to pay the $600 deposit (balance due 60 days from tour start date)  please email or call 305-330-6931

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